Attention SMMA People!

We're Making Websites you can Focus on Your Business!

Having a website to make / update? Outsource it with us!


We know you have to keep a close eye on the costs and balance it with your precious time.
Price range $50 - $500


Our average completion time is now
48 hours


We can do ANY type of website and integrate it with ANY type of special functionality

Modern Technologies

We use 2020 technologies so that the site will look up to date. No more Wix, Squarespace or any of those clumsy (and costly) platforms.

Any Content

We can integrate any special content, being it sign up forms, booking software, social media feeds, pixels and more

Any Type of Site

Either is it a blog or a company website, landing page, e-commerce shop, whatever... we can do them all

Technical Stuff

We take care A-Z from creating the content till the site goes live (all the server settings, FTP, email)


We ensure maintenance post-sale. So you can rest assured that any new updates will be implemented smooth


We know how 2020 internet works and are able to provide you with the best solutions for keeping the site secure and on reliable hosting services

SMMA Friendly

We focus on SMMA people, as their reliable outsourcing place for web design. We understand the business model thus being the best choice for you. 

We "speak" SMMA!

Making a website (or redesign an existing one) takes tedious work and eats up your time. Why not focus on getting more customers and doing their Social Media enhancements, while we do the time-consuming geeky work of web design?

Working Process

Fast and Easy in 5 Simple Steps!


Contact us!

Best via FB messenger for almost instant reply.

Alternatively, fill in the form or email us


Explain the Project

Pass on to us all the details from your customer. The more we know - the better the result. We may even show you some showcases


Web Design

We work on it and present to you the outcome.

If satisfied we collect payment and provide you with source files



We help setup the servers if you need it.

Also, we and provide future maintenance on request


Flexibility is key and we understand the need to have all possible aspects covered.
If you need more clarifications, feel free to contact us

We use 2020 latest programming language

We're capable of making sites responsive (mobile friendly) on pure HTML that will be compatible with any hosting and VERY fast or the good WordPress (25% of the word's websites are hosted on WP).

Full source files will be sent to you so you can have full control. Full Back-ups will be available periodically or on request.

We can integrate virtually any content

Email capture forms
Contact forms
Booking software
Pixels and Analytics
Social Media feeds
Pop-ups, modals
...and more

We can take care of all the technical stuff. Our geeks are standing by.

A to Z integration:
Nameservers setup
FTP-ing the files
Hosting - we can provide premium hosting for $10/month - unlimited resources
SSL (site will look secure - a must for e-commerce for example)
GDPR modules

We can take care of everything, even post-sale

Remember to upsell - ask your customer for recurring maintenance fees. Or highlight it in your package. This will add up to your profit and also keep the relation alive with the customer at least for a year. And then pass this task to us and we will take care of every updates 24/7 without you spending any additional time and effort

Low Prices / Best Deals

Check Out Our Prices

All plans come with min 30 days of free post-sale updates.
We understand the need for flexibility that's why the prices can be discussed project-based!
CUSTOM project? Talk to us



We offer a 10% loyalty discount starting with the 3rd site made with us! Recommend our services and get 10% yourself!


Existing Websites

Existing site updates: starting at $50 but not exceeding the new-website price



We offer dedicated WP hosting with SSL certificate and very fast servers for $50 and free with the Premium plan


Upsell !!

Important: ask your customer for monthly fees for maintenance

Dedicated account manager, committed to doing the job right.
No more Upwork or Fivver or any other shady collaboration with some strange people.

Most of the professional agencies get the PREMIUM package for the complete peace of mind!

Quick and Effective


max 2 days' execution time

$ 100
One-time payment
  • One Page website just like this one you're now on!
  • No Back Office
  • Perfect for Landing Pages



max 4 days' execution time

$ 250
One-time payment
  • Multiple Pages website
  • WordPress platform full with BackOffice
  • One Month FREE Updates

For Professional Agencies


max 3 days' execution time (priority)

$ 500
One-time payment
  • Multiple Pages website
  • WordPress platform full with BackOffice
  • Premium Themes and Premium Plugins included
  • E-commerce module (WooCommerce)
  • Priority Support
  • SEO pack
  • FREE Maintenance for 6 Months
  • FREE Hosting
  • ....and MORE!

we're packed with:
Loyalty Discounts, Volume Discounts,
Special Price for Upgrading Existing Websites,

Hosting, Upsells, Free Maintenance
see above (click)

CUSTOM project? Talk to us

What more could we say? It's so simple:


When you run your SMMA business the most important thing is your time. You have to manage a lot of things with the campaigns and customer communication plus searching for new ones... So why add to the "package" the burden of creating the website? Why spend so many days trying to figure out Wix or whatever software that may not even be compatible with what your customers want?


Do not give this important task to just anyone. You're a professional - you need to work with professionals if you want sustainable results in a long time.


What Our Customers Say

Customer satisfaction is key. We want recurring business :)

Landed an account with a customer from the UK owning a Logistic Center. His main target was e-com sellers. I targeted the audience on Facebook in all the Amazon, Shopify, Woo-commerce groups. But I needed a simple website to be able to show them the complex pricing policy. Adrian from SMMA web design made it super-fast!

My customer was a chain of hotels and I needed the website to be very professional and keep the existing booking system. The guys from SMMA web design made everything possible, integrating everything and my customer loved it - even got a recommendation for my services to his travel agency he was working with :)

My main struggle was building them websites. I tried with Wix but then the customer wanted to change hosting. Nightmare! had to redo everything with some guy from Fivver....that left me with the job halfway done... and when you think that for a website I charge them $1,000 it really not worth the hassle to not choose professionals

3-6 Examples of Our Work

US Prep Center

One Page website with amazing page speed of close to 100

Top United Clubs

E-commerce website with premium plugins

Geo Mit Go

Brand Landing Page in 2 languages

UK Prep Center

A website with Blog integrated for SEO boost


A website from Norway with e-commerce module integrated

Viena Poli

A brand with 2 variations plus blog section for additional SEO


After successfully completing the SMMA training course I started prospecting for my first customers... soon enough I found a few and run into the big problem of TIME management. There were so many things to take care of, that I needed to outsource it somehow... and could not find a reliable person to do it.
Then it stroked me - other people from SMMA may be needing these services! So I switched the approach and now doing mainly web design services for other successful SMMA agencies.

Tai's training says all over the place "be professional". So this is what we aim to have out here: a professional service provider at an incredibly low cost/value provided.


We mainly do websites, but also other related services for example Photoshop-ing

Web Design - HTML / CSS / Java / Bootstrap


Web Design - WordPress


Web Design  - eCommerce


Servers & Network


Other graphics (Photoshop)


Let's meet!


30 N Gould St Ste R,
Sheridan, WY 82801

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Creative director: FB messenger 
+ (1) 307 -763-5333
(Mo-Fr 8-14:00 MST) 

International (VAT)

International customers (Europe) please note that we are VAT registered in the UK, Germany and Romania